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What’s so great about paper bag scrapbooks?


While they are obviously not meant to take the place of traditional full-size scrapbooks, paper bag scrapbooks are:

• so much fun!

• wonderful story-tellers

• fun to collect

• a quick way to focus on a single idea, event, trip, or person

• easy to complete…an ideal introduction into scrapbooking!

• a great gift…especially for those “hard to buy for” people in your life

• perfect to display on your coffee table or your desk (everyone will want to flip through it!)

• a personalized and meaningful way to show someone you care

The possibilities are endless…but here are a few ideas for themes:

• sports
• music
• school
• birthdays
• graduation
• pregnancy
• new baby
• big brother/sister
• shower…baby/bridal
• wedding
• bachelorette party
• family…mom, dad, brother, sister, grandparents
• new home
• holidays…Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving
• seasons….winter, spring, summer, fall
• military
• vacations (Disney, anyone?!)
• journeys of other kinds….thru illness, finding your way in life, time passing
• Cancer survivor
• The Story of Us/The story of Me
• goals and dreams
• anything else you can imagine!

What’s so different about paper bag scrapbooks from A Picket Fence Life?

Every artist has his or her own style. His or her own unique spin on an idea. While obviously “paper bag” scrapbooks are not an idea that I developed, I have created a style or look that is distinctive.

My scrapbooks are carefully and thoughtfully made so that your photos remain the star of the album. Embellishments are added to compliment your photos and not compete with them on the page. Each page and journaling card have inked and “pen-stitched” edges adding to the charm of the book. There are also plenty of areas in each album that are wide-open blank spaces for you to tell the story or fill with photos and memorabilia. After all, what good is a scrapbook that doesn’t give you room to add your photos and story?

Circle tabs have been added to the open pockets of the scrapbook and are perfect for turning the page (they also help to reduce the wear-and-tear of your scrapbook). These albums will be flipped through many times as you share them with friends and family so durability is important.

Another thing that sets A Picket Fence Life apart is my prompt service. Scrapbooks purchased from my Etsy shop are usually shipped out the same day or possibly the next day depending on the time of purchase. Custom or special ordered scrapbooks are mailed quickly…usually within a couple days of purchase. I get the whole “rush” thing! I usually find my inspiration for gifts at the last minute so if you find yourself needing a gift NOW I will do my best to get it to you as quickly as possible.

I love custom orders! I know that it makes the scrapbook extra special if it can be personalized for the recipient. Whether it’s just adding a name or detail to a scrapbook that’s already listed in my shop…or creating an entirely new custom-made scrapbook, I’m happy to work with you to create something that is truly special.

So, what else do you need to know about paper bag scrapbooks?

Even though the scrapbook you receive is beautifully decorated…it is basically still a blank canvas. It comes alive with your photos and your story.

You will find, even with the larger (6”x6”) scrapbooks that you will still probably want to crop your pictures, at least a little bit. By cropping you bring the attention directly to the subject of the photo, eliminating some of the ‘background noise’!

Don’t worry if your photo doesn’t fit exactly on the photo mat (if there is one on that page)…simply angle the photo so the mat becomes an accent.

Many of the embellishments on the pages have been “lifted” with foam spacers so your photos can easily slide underneath. Others have been fastened in a way that also allows for placing photos behind them. You can always add other embellishments to the pages that overlap the photos…your own finishing touches! Remember to have fun with it! :)

Almost everything I use for the scrapbooks is acid-free with the obvious exception of the paper bags themselves. There is spray available that you can add to reduce the acid in the bags and you are welcome to treat your scrapbook before adding photos. I have chosen not to treat the bags prior to assembling the scrapbook for a couple of reasons. 1) to keep the cost down (those tiny bags of spray can really add up!) and 2) because I believe that these scrapbooks are basically for FUN. Even though I try to construct them in a way that makes them as durable as possible, they are not going to hold up as well as a traditional full-size scrapbook in a bound album. So save the original photos in a traditional scrapbook and make some duplicate prints for your paper bag album! I especially like to use prints that have been printed from the Kodak photo machine because they are highly durable…you can even wipe them off with a damp cloth!

Ok. I think that’s it! If you have any other questions just send me a convo through my Etsy shop or email me at!



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