Friday, August 7, 2009

More Back-to-School

So Preschool scrapbook was featured on an Etsy Treasury list. Check it out...along with all the other fun, funky back-to-school goodies. Hurry though because treasury lists are temporary and don't last long! Of course you can always find my Etsy shop here.

In other EXCITING news... a picket fence life is one of the companies featured in 4BabyAndMom's Back to School Bash! If you've never visited the 4BabyAndMom blog, you need to head on over there. You will find lots of wonderful parenting tips and so many amazing give-aways! In fact, the Back to School Bash will feature a give-away from ME! I can't wait to see what other goodies will be offered.

Save the date, mark your calendars, tie a little string around your finger...whatever it takes to remind you to stop by 4BabyAndMom during this event. August 10-21. :)

And....since summer is not-quite-over yet...and you still may have some summer vacation pictures lying around.... check out this....

It's HUGE! Well, maybe not huge...but you will think so when you start filling it up with your photos and memories. 4x6 photos won't have to be cropped AND the 6 (yes I said 6!) journaling cards that are tucked in the pockets are FIVE inches by SEVEN inches! So much room to write down your memories. And, of course, the pockets are big enough to hold all those goodies you tend to collect on trips.

Okay...I WAS going to post more pictures of it....BUT me and Blogger seem to be at odds this morning SO...just click on the photo and it will take you to my Etsy shop where you can find the rest of the images. There are also a few more vacation books to choose from. :)

That's all for now. Enjoy the day!


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  1. Thanks for spreading the word- You might want to head over, I think you might like what I had to say! :D


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