Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let It Snow! Paper Bag Scrapbook & more...

Before long snowflakes will be flying and the earth will be covered with a glistening blanket of snow.  Ok.  Not ALL the earth but I'm sure my little corner of it will find itself buried under the white stuff soon enough.

If I had my way...which hardly ever happens....we would get a beautiful fluffy snow on December 22nd and by January 2nd it would all be gone.  That's it.  That's all I need.  Snow for Christmas and poof, it's gone! 

Snow was fun though when I was a kid.  We (usually my brother and I) would spend countless hours playing in the stuff.  We built forts in the snow along the road where the snowplows had created mountains and cliffs. We skated on the creek by our uncle's house or on the ice-rink we "built" in the yard.  We rolled snowballs for snowmen and made snow angels, being careful not to disturb the snow around them. We went sledding down the steepest hills we could find or sometimes down the snow and ice covered gravel road.  We used the old wood and metal sleds because you could lay down on them (piling 2 or 3 people on!) and really build up speed until ultimately we would all fall off.  Eventually we used the "newfangled" plastic saucer sleds and raced each other to the bottom of the hills.  As we got older we went snowmobiling.  Yeah, snow was fun.

I've got lots of great memories of the snow as a kid.  Unfortunately no pictures.  I did find this one though.


How funny is this?  It obviously wasn't winter...notice the short sleeves?  It was always freezing in our house.  And wow...does this kitchen scream "farmhouse from the 60's" or what?!  Honestly, I don't ever remember our kitchen looking like that, especially the floor.  The boots are hot though....right?  :)

Anyway, my point is....take pictures of your kids in the snow!  Better yet....take pictures of them playing in the snow, put the pictures in a scrapbook AND write the stories that go along with them.  Your kids will treasure them. 

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