Saturday, July 17, 2010

A little antiquing along the way

Last weekend Arielle and I went on a little road trip.  We were heading down Rt. 55 heading towards Edwardsville when we came upon this:Edwardsville 003

I laughed out loud.  Not JUST because it's a PINK elephant...correction...a BRIGHT pink elephant, but because it looked VERY familiar! 

Edwardsville 005

A while back Elsie Flannigan posted some pictures of the same antique mall on her blog A Beautiful Mess.  When I read her post I wondered where this little gem was because she was talking about driving through St. Louis on her way to Chicago.  So, as we were trekking down towards St. Louis the thought had crossed my mind as to whether we might see this.  Luckily for me, Arielle is up for anything and we had some time, so we stopped.

Edwardsville 001

Arielle and Marilyn!

 Edwardsville 002 

The spaceship! (and someone's car!)

Edwardsville 004

A really big bike!

Edwardsville 009

A really tall boy.

Edwardsville 010   And, finally....the ICE CREAM! 

The ice cream was awesome but of course, it was HOT outside so there wasn't time to actually savor it!  It was more of a eat-it-quick-before-it-melts-all-over-your-clothes sort of thing.  We had fun though...and I picked up a few little treasures to incorporate into my scrapbooking.  So, all in all we were happy with our little detour.  :)


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