Saturday, February 26, 2011

It’s about time

All About Me 1

I’m trying to get my creative groove back.  Not really sure where it went but I’ve been a bit burned out lately.  Other things on my mind.  And this week I’ve been sick.  Pretty much all week.  Half-way through my workout Monday morning I realized that my throat was sore.  Really sore.  I stayed home from work and slept most of the day thinking I’d put a quick stop to the emerging cold.  No such luck.  I’ve felt like crap all week.  I don’t think I can stand another day of sniffling.  Enough already!!!

My girls are home on spring break this week (and next).  So that’s a distraction too.  A good distraction though.  It’s always nice to have them home.  Elliot will be home in a few weeks.  I haven’t seen him since January 2nd.  I really miss that kid! 

Anyway, even though it’s snowing (yet again) tonight…it’s starting to feel like spring may eventually show up.  And believe me, NO ONE is more ready for spring than me.  It’s not that I don’t like winter…it’s just that I wish it would last from Dec. 20 through about the 26th!   A little bit for Christmas and then outta here!  But I guess I’ll have to just put up with it until my “someday” arrives and I move to the beach!  :)    Sorry…sidetracked again….what I was going to say was this scrapbook is bright and cheery and makes me think of spring.  Fun colors and plenty of room for happy stuff inside.

All About Me 2    All About Me 3

All About Me 4   All About Me 5

All About Me 6   All About Me 7

Enjoy your weekend…..


  1. Oh, I totally love this. It is so cute!!

  2. Love the bright colors and how you did the cover and title! I think you got your groove back!


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