Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer weddings?

Wedding 1

I know…this mini scrapbook can’t possibly hold ALL the photos from your wedding.   

Wedding 2       Wedding 3

But…it’s the perfect size to fill with your favorite snapshots of the day…

Wedding 4       Wedding 5

and then you can throw it in your purse…

Wedding 6       Wedding 7

or put it on your desk at work so it’s handy when someone asks about your special day!


Bride 1

Oh, and don’t forget the bachelorette party!

Bride 2      Bride 3

Those pictures are worth capturing in a special scrapbook.

Bride 4      Bride 5

Need one for every member of the wedding party?  No problem…

Bride 6       Bride 7

Just send me an email at apicketfencelife at gmail (dot) com to place your order!


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