Monday, January 16, 2012

A few new arrivals…

Disney Vacation Fun Scrapbook 1

Disney Vacation Fun Scrapbook

I know, I know…when you go to Disney you have way more photos than what will fit in this book…but how fun is it to have a “little” keepsake like this sitting on your desk or coffee table just to remind you of all the fun?

Disney Vacation Fun Scrapbook 2      Disney Vacation Fun Scrapbook 3Disney Vacation Fun Scrapbook 4      Disney Vacation Fun Scrapbook 5Disney Vacation Fun Scrapbook 6      Disney Vacation Fun Scrapbook 7

Marching Band Scrapbook 1

Marching Band Scrapbook

Ok…I’ll fess up.  I played the saxophone when I was young.  Didn’t quite make it long enough to be in the marching band though.  It’s probably a good thing though because I had enough trouble playing while seated!  :(

Marching Band Scrapbook 2      Marching Band Scrapbook 3Marching Band Scrapbook 4      Marching Band Scrapbook 5Marching Band Scrapbook 6      Marching Band Scrapbook 7

Dream Big Scrapbook 1

Dream Big Scrapbook

I love the bright colors in this book!  I included lots of spaces to write about those dreams too!

Dream Big Scrapbook 2      Dream Big Scrapbook 3Dream Big Scrapbook 4      Dream Big Scrapbook 5Dream Big Scrapbook 6      Dream Big Scrapbook 7

Have a happy Monday!

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