Sunday, March 11, 2012

So Inspired…Priest


worldThe world is round
and the place
which may seem like
the end
may also be only
the beginning.
Ivy Baker Priest

It’s been awhile.  You probably thought I fell off the face of this earth…but alas, I did not.  I just needed a little break to deal with other things in my life. 

I spent most of February house-sitting for a friend, thinking it was perfect timing.  Winter in Illinois.  Her house is 4 minutes from where I work.  Mine is 65 minutes.  I assumed I’d be avoiding many days of icy roads.  As it turned out we only had 2 days of snow during the entire time…and both of those times the snow disappeared almost as quickly as it came.  But it was still a nice break from my usual daily commute.

Staying somewhere else also made scrapbooking a challenge.  I tried to take a bunch of my stuff with me, but you know how it is…you never have everything you need.  My studio at home is 12’x11’ and I use every inch of it.  There, I was “working out of a box”. The biggest obstacle though was the fact that I had no internet access!  Ouch!  Thank God for my iPhone or I would have been totally out of touch. 

Gotta love the irony of it all though….February was the busiest my business has been in a long time.  Lots of orders coming from several different venues.  Which is why my shop has been a bit…well, shall we say…on the empty side lately.  I’m trying to fix that though.  Four new items were listed today and more to come this week.  Here’s a little preview of what’s new…

Dance in the Rain Scrapbook 1

Dance in the Rain Paper Bag Scrapbook

Dance in the Rain Scrapbook 2      Dance in the Rain Scrapbook 3Dance in the Rain Scrapbook 4      Dance in the Rain Scrapbook 5Dance in the Rain Scrapbook 6      Dance in the Rain Scrapbook 7

Track Scrapbook 1

Track & Field Paper Bag Scrapbook

Track Scrapbook 2      Track Scrapbook 3Track Scrapbook 4      Track Scrapbook 5Track Scrapbook 6      Track Scrapbook 7

New York Scrapbook 1

New York City Paper Bag Scrapbook

New York Scrapbook 2      New York Scrapbook 3New York Scrapbook 4      New York Scrapbook 5New York Scrapbook 6      New York Scrapbook 7

Happy Birthday Scrapbook 1

Happy, Happy, Happy, Birthday Paper Bag Scrapbook

Happy Birthday Scrapbook 2      Happy Birthday Scrapbook 3Happy Birthday Scrapbook 4      Happy Birthday Scrapbook 5Happy Birthday Scrapbook 6      Happy Birthday Scrapbook 7

Of course, there are other books in my Etsy shop too.  Be sure to stop by and check them out.

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