Monday, July 27, 2009

Scrapbooks to Capture Your Summer Fun!

Wow! Is it just me or does it seem like summer is winding down? The stores are full of back-to-school goodies and vacations are coming to an end.

"Back-to-school" has a new meaning this year at our house. Now back-to-school means moving out. All three kids will be in college this fall. What a change. How exciting and scary all at once!

Of course, back-to-school also means I'm headed back to work. I have two more weeks of down time before the crazies start!

I have loved having the time this summer to work on scrapbooks. My goal was to build my inventory in my Etsy shop to 100 items. Didn't quite make it but I did get up to about 60...which isn't too bad.

So, how was your summer?

Did you do fun things? Say, spend a day at the zoo, go to a water park, or a trip to Disney!?

Did you take lots of pictures? :)

Are you looking for some way to display those photos? All six of the scrapbooks shown above are available in my Etsy shop.

Water Park
A Day at the Zoo
Vacation 2009
Disney Fun
Happy Camper
Summer Fun

Need something a little different? I also do custom orders! Pop me an email (apicketfencelife at gmail dot com) and we can come up with something special just for you!

Now...go enjoy the rest of your summer!


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