Monday, September 7, 2009

Halloween Paper Bag Scrapbook

Just couldn't resist posting a pic of this. Like I said earlier, I'm not a big fan of Halloween...but this is just too cute NOT to share! You can see more pictures of it here.

Yesterday I stopped by one of my favorite stores....Archiver's. Since my hubby was in the car waiting for me, it was a quick trip (I'm sure HE didn't think it was quick...but I tried!). Anyway, I just had to grab some Halloween goodies. I also picked up some supplies for soccer, cheerleading, football, bowling (already listed in my Etsy store!), marathons, swimming...and some other stuff that will no doubt be showing up in my Etsy store soon. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Mini scrapbooks make GREAT gifts! :)

I spent the day doing some behind the scenes scrapbook business things today. One of those things was updating my blog. You may notice that I've added a couple of new features in the right hand column. The first is a Scrapbook's linked to Flickr. You can either watch a slide-show of my scrapbooks from my blog or click on it, enter Flicker, and browse through my photos from there.

Also, you will see links to a couple of my favorite places. One is Donna Downey's website.

She has the most amazing designs and overflows with talent. Someday I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to attend one of her workshops. Until that's possible, I will just admire from afar! ;)

Another favorite is the Creative Every Day website. A great source when you need some inspiration and motivation to create.

I also spent some time today organzing my scrapbook supplies. If you scrapbook, maybe you've discovered this too...there is NO END to organizing supplies! I have a whole room pretty much dedicated to scrapbooking. While I LOVE the space, it doesn't necessarily look like the beautiful and organized rooms you see in scrapbook magazines. There are certain organizing systems that I would love to have...but the reality is that I'd rather spend the cash on supplies instead of storage bins. So, lately I've been using more of what I have on hand. My ribbons and flowers are in antique glass jars (the wonderful ones with huge openings), my stamp pads are in pottery bowls, and my tools are in small tin buckets. I collect old unusual containers and dishes...and I love the idea of having them sit around my scrapbooking room instead of hidden in kitchen cabinets (like there's any room left in those!).

Oh, and another thing I've become quite fond of lately for storage is old Scrabble game boxes. Their long and skinny shape is perfect for holding those cardstock sticker sheets that are too long to put in binders. Each box has a theme and I throw the stickers, misc embellishments and any paper scraps that go with the theme into the box so they're ready to go.

What are your favorite scrapbooking storage containers?

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