Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Scrapbook Arrivals


Finally!  New stuff in my Etsy shop!   Since it’s SO cold here I thought it would be nice to look at something warm and sunny for a change.  These stickers made me smile when I saw them at the store the other day.  Just couldn’t pass them up.  It’s hard to tell in the picture but the “photo” on the cover is a little stick boy and in the background there is a little stick girl on a floatie!  So cute!   Makes me wish I was going somewhere warm!  



Here are a few pictures of the interior pages:

This one was also too cute to pass up!  I’ve done cheerleader books in the past but I thought this one would be perfect for the younger girl that went to a cheerleading camp or  clinic.  So fun with the bright pinks and greens accented with black and white.   And, it’s SO girly…especially with the flowers and glitter!   There’s even room on the cover of this one to put her picture right up front!  The title banner is raised so a photo would easily slip right under it…same with the flowers.  It will look like it was all built around the photo!

Adding multiple layers to your scrapbooking pages makes them so much more interesting.  I think it’s the biggest difference I see when I go back and look at some of my earlier items, or especially my full size layouts.  So much has changed over the years as far as design, style and of course, supplies!   

I still try to leave some of the pages in my mini scrapbooks a little bit on the “plain” side….since the focus really should be on the photos.  I want to make sure that you have enough space to put those all-important-photos since that’s the whole point of a scrapbook!  But you can always add more embellishments on top of the photos!!  Rub-on letters, flowers, stickers or edging look awesome on top of or overlapping the photos.  They’re perfect for adding the finishing touch to your books.   Although it doesn’t always show up in the photos, most of the embellishments in my mini books are raised with pop dots (or foam spacers…whatever you want to call them!).  Not only does this add some dimension to the pages but it also allows for slipping pictures behind or underneath them.

I think this is probably my favorite of all the volleyball books I’ve done.  I love these papers.   They’re the same stickers I’ve used many times before but the new papers really change it up!  Years ago when Arielle was on the volleyball team I couldn’t find anything ‘volleyball’….it was all soccer!  But now volleyball is everywhere.




I’m starting to list Valentine’s Day things in my shop…but I’ll post about them later.  You wouldn’t believe my studio right now.  SO MUCH PINK!  And not even JUST the Valentines stuff.  Pink (and the bright green) remind me of spring so I think it’s just wishful thinking on my part.  Especially on cold days like this.

Oh…I even bought a cute little pink tool.  More on that later too!  :)

The sun is shining brightly on the snow here today.  I hope it’s shining where you are too!


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