Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rock n Roll

Rock Star 001 Obviously I just can’t get enough of this bright green lately!  Lovin’ green so much right now and looking forward to having some green in my back yard soon.  I’m getting a little tired of the white stuff out there!  I did notice today though that there were some day lilies popping through the snow.  Not that they’re going to be blooming anytime soon.  :(

So I guess for now I’ll have to be satisfied with green things INSIDE my house.  I’ve been doing a lot of girlie things lately so I thought I’d pull out some other stuff for a change.

Rock Star 002 I thought this would be fun.  And perfect for photos of your Rock Star!  These mini scrapbooks are all about capturing a moment, a snapshot our our lives.   One event, one phase, one memory.  So much more do-able than a huge scrapbook.  Grab some photos, scissors and adhesive and in no time you’ll have a little book with big memories!  Perfect for a Valentine’s gift or a birthday or just because. 


Rock Star 004 Rock Star 003Rock Star 005 Rock Star 006 Rock Star 007

AND, there’s more than one way to Rock n Roll!  Can’t forget about the little people in our lives.

Potty 001

Potty training was crazy at our house when our kids were little.  We had 3 in diapers for about 6 months.  Back then diapers came in blue and pink (maybe they still do, I haven’t bought them for 16 years!)anyway, we had some of both…all stacked together.  We also had 2 potty chairs.  The girls each wanted one of their own but I can’t remember them ever using them at the same time!  With 3 kids in 2 years we were so busy that much of that time is just a fog to me now.  I really wish I would have taken more pictures and written more things down.  I don’t necessarily want a do-over, but recording more of the memories is definitely something I wish I would have been more diligent about. 


Potty 002 Potty 003 Potty 004 Potty 005 Potty 006 Potty 007

These scrapbooks are available (as always) in my Etsy shop….

Enjoy your weekend!


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