Sunday, May 30, 2010

So Inspired…Words to Live By…14

Elliot Columbia Dorm 8.08

When I dare to be powerful-
to use my strength in the service of my vision,
then it becomes less and less important
whether I am afraid. 

This photo was taken two years ago as my son, Elliot, started college in Chicago.   Elliot has a vision.  He wants to be a screenwriter.   He HAS to make films.  It’s just who he is.   And in that pursuit…he’s fearless.

As a child, Elliot was never very adventurous.   Didn’t adjust well to change.  Didn’t like being out of his comfort zone… AT ALL. 

At 14 his world changed.  In 2004 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  OUR world changed.  Elliot adjusted.  Repeated flirtations with death have a way of making you focus on what you want…and fearless in the pursuit of those goals. 

He is a constant reminder to me that being afraid should not be an obstacle in achieving our dreams.  What could you accomplish if you push past your fear?

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  1. What an inspirational post. Hugs to you and your family. Dream big!

  2. Great post...Elliot turned a negative into a positive!

  3. I think the risk is in NOT trying--good for Elliot to chase his dream!

  4. What a wonderful quote and an oustanding young man.
    Have a great week.


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