Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time to Scrap


Actually the title should read  Time to Scrap?????

I know, we all have the same amount of hours in the day, right?  We hear it all the time.  And yet, I wonder.    I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have enough.

Every day while I’m sitting at work I think about all the projects I’m going to dive into when I get home…

I’m going to start this scrapbook with the new papers I just bought…

or I’m going to finally construct that dream board…

or I’m going to write a new blog post…

or try to catch up reading my long list of “favorite” blogs…

or maybe read a few chapters of one of the books piled on my desk.

But after I’ve thrown in some laundry, cooked a meal, cleaned the kitchen, paid some bills and let the dog out a dozen times, the evening tends to disappear and my energy level goes right along with it.  Maybe it’s just the cold weather (as I sit here writing my feet are wrapped in a heating pad that apparently must have died after 25+ years of service!) or maybe  it’s that I stay up too late and get up WAY too early so I’m tired by the time I complete my evening hour-long commute…or maybe I’m just a little burned out.

I’m trying to stir my creative juices a bit this year.  But even that takes some energy…and tonight it’s just not happening.

How do you find the time/energy to work some creative time into your day/evening?

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  1. I am a stay at home mom, and although I don't have to work away from home, I suffer from the same kinds of frustrations. It is hard to be doing work at home or tending to the kids and just look up the stairs and kind of whimper, knowing that craft room is just up there beckoning me to come and create! I have been eliminating stuff in my house, getting rid of things I don't need or really won't use and donating to whomever and selling stuff on ebay. I like to use to help me organize my housework so I can craft without neglecting my kids and what not! I hope you don't burn your self out! BTW I think your bag albums are really well done! I have thought about getting into that, but I just got a Zutter BIA and I have other chipboard albums and other stuff to do, so I'll hold off. I hope to maybe just get a few blank ones on ebay, but I don't want to buy 20! Take care! And be careful, don't fall asleep driving!


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