Saturday, March 5, 2011


the island

Dreaming of this today…but I know there’s lots to be done between now and then so it’s “off to work I go”….IF you can call scrapbooking “work”!  I’m still trying to get my inventory built back up in my shop.  Hopefully I’ll get a lot accomplished this weekend since my girls have gone back to school.  Fewer distractions!   I love, love, love spending time with my kids when they’re home…but I also crave “alone time”!   I guess it’s a good balance right now with them in college and just popping home occasionally.  It’s fun to see how excited they are to come home…and then just as excited to get back to their “real lives”.  

If you haven’t stopped by my Etsy shop lately, here are a few things that have been added…

princess 1 

   princess 2    princess 3

      princess 4    princess 5

     princess 6     princess 7

Oh Baby 1  

Oh Baby 2     Oh Baby 3

Oh Baby 4     Oh Baby 5

Oh Baby 6     Oh Baby 7

Prom 1

Prom 2     Prom 3

Prom 4    Prom 5

Prom 6    Prom 7

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