Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Arrivals…


I can’t believe Christmas is LESS than 2 months away!  Tomorrow is Halloween and then in a blink of an eye it will be Christmas.  Why does the time go so much faster when you’re an adult than when you’re a child? 

As I sit in my studio I am loving the beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves still lingering on the trees, but there won’t be too many more days left to enjoy the colors.  The leaves are dropping so fast.  And, I keep hearing that dreaded word….SNOW…popping up.  Fortunately, so far it’s been no where near us but I know it’s coming…eventually.  I would seriously give anything to avoid snow this winter.  Driving on snow and ice covered roads for 2+ hours every day gets really old….really fast.   Maybe we’ll get lucky and not get ANY snow this year!  Ha!  Yeah…I’m dreaming! 

I know I should be working on Christmas items for my shop but I keep getting sidetracked!  Of  course, ANY scrapbook would make a great  Christmas gift…it doesn’t have to be a Christmas scrapbook, right?  :)

So anyway, here’s what’s new in my Etsy shop this week….

Our Sweet Girl 1

Our Sweet Girl Paper Bag Scrapbook

Our Sweet Girl 2      Our Sweet Girl 3Our Sweet Girl 4      Our Sweet Girl 5Our Sweet Girl 6      Our Sweet Girl 7

Sixteen 1

Sweet Sixteen Paper Bag Scrapbook

Sixteen 2      Sixteen 3Sixteen 4      Sixteen 5Sixteen 6      Sixteen 7

Pregnant 1

Pregnancy Paper Bag Scrapbook

Pregnant 2      Pregnant 3Pregnant 4      Pregnant 5Pregnant 6      Pregnant 7

Remember…there are also still some  Halloween/Fall books in my Etsy shop

Creepy 1

Creepy Halloween Paper Bag Scrapbook

Fall 1

Fall Paper Bag Scrapbook

And…if you’re still looking for a place to put those summer photos….check out the summer scrapbooks in my clearance section!


Have a fun Halloween!  :)


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