Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Scrapbooks!



BF 1

Best Friends Paper Bag Scrapbook

BF 2     BF 3BF 4     BF 5BF 6     BF 7

You and Me 1

You and Me Paper Bag Scrapbook


You and Me 2      You and Me 3You and Me 4      You and Me 5You and Me 6      You and Me 7BOB Girl 1

Baby on Board Paper Bag Scrapbook – Girl Version!


BOB Girl 2     BOB Girl 3BOB Girl 4     BOB Girl 5BOB Girl 6        BOB Girl 7BOB Boy 1

Baby on Board Paper Bag Scrapbook – Boy Version!


BOB Boy 2     BOB Boy 3BOB Boy 4      BOB Boy 5BOB Boy 6      BOB Boy 7

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