Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Full Nest

This weekend I've been getting used to having a "full" nest again...just when I had gotten used to having an "empty nest"!  It's great to have the kids home though.   Ceara will be working in the Admissions dept over break so she'll be back and forth a bit this week and the week of Jan 4th but Arielle is here until the 11th.  Elliot's classes don't start up again until Jan 25th!  Crazy!  I haven't heard yet when he plans to head back to the city.

Today Arielle and I made cookies and had a frosting marathon.  Frosting cookies is definitely not my favorite thing to do....but we got through them.  I think I don't like it because I tend to be a perfectionist and I obviously don't have the talent or patience to make each one a work of I'd rather just not do them at all.  BUT my family loves frosted sugar that's how I spent my afternoon and evening! 

I also got a little closer to finishing my shopping today.  Hopefully a quick stop after work tomorrow will polish off the list.  Most of what I've already bought is wrapped but I still need to put the name tags on.  Right now they're piled high in my studio and they are SO in my way.  A job to complete before bed tonight. 

With less than a week to go before Christmas I SHOULD be concentrating on everything I need to get done before the BIG day....but my thoughts have been totally consumed this weekend with my scrapbook business and my Etsy shop.   Yeah, a change is definitely in order.  :)

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