Saturday, December 19, 2009

Scrapbook Sale - End of Year Clearance!


When it gets to this time of year I start thinking about purging...clearing out all of the OLD to make way for the NEW that comes with the new year.  I have some time off after Christmas and can't wait to clean out some closets, some cabinets, some files...and even clean out my Etsy store!  

I have NEW things in store (pardon the pun) for my little Etsy store.  It's time for a change and some re-vamping.  Recently I noticed a couple other sellers listing items SO similar to mine...and one even copied my descriptions word for word!  First I was furious, then I thought of reporting them to the Etsy administration....then I decided it was the prompt I needed to make some changes (oh btw, I MAY still report them....come on...don't just copy and paste my descriptions into your listings!  Be original!). 

Anyway, I know my paper bag scrapbooks are not a unique idea...but I'd like to think that I've put my own spin on them and have created somewhat of a distinctive style.  So while I'm flattered by the copy-cats out's time to mix it up a bit.  

In order to make way for the NEW...I've decided to have a clearance sale in my shop.  Now through the end of 2009 if you buy 2 items at their regular price, you will get the 3rd item at 50% off!  See my Etsy shop for more details!  Such a deal.  And...a great way to stock up on last-minute holiday gifts or to get a head start on gifts for the upcoming year.  There's always a birthday or some special event that deserves a scrapbook to commemorate it!

While my Etsy store may have unlimited space...the storage space for inventory in my studio does not! So you get some great deals and I have more space (both physical and mental) for all the NEW things to come in 2010! 

Hope you check back to see what's new.  :)

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