Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Disney Vacation Scrapbook {Election Day Distraction}

Dream Big Disney Scrapbook
What seems more fitting for a Disney vacation than to DREAM BIG?  I love the Simple Stories Say Cheese papers and stickers.  They are so much fun to work with.  I don't know about you but I love it when everything coordinates!  Of course, I wish I could say that it saves me time when putting together a book...but not so much.
For this book I put all the "autograph" spaces on the inserts.  Both sides of these 4-1/2" square inserts have heavy white paper so your favorite characters can sign away!  Recently I did a similar scrapbook for an Etsy customer and she had this to say about the book...
"Just wanted to let you know that your autograph books were a HUGE hit at Disneyland. Literally......every character would sit there and flip through the book after they signed it. It was so funny. And then they would motion to me to ask, "Did I make this?" I told them that they are hand-made, but I ordered it through Etsy. They all seemed amazed that they were made out of paper bags. In fact, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible were together and motioning to each other to check out our books! I had people stopping me in line for the autographs asking me where I got them and how amazing they were! I'll send people your way if I can! Thanks again for such a wonderful job on those books. They are incredible, as always!"

Gotta love happy customers!

Oops...almost's Election Day!  I voted before work this morning but they didn't have any "I voted" stickers so I had to make my own....

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