Monday, November 14, 2016

Scrapbooks make great Christmas (or anytime) Gifts...Let's Start with Scrapbooks for the Girls!

I created this book over the weekend to put in my Etsy shop...and today just noticed that it is MY wedding colors!  Ha.  Didn't even notice as I was making it.  This 6" book with 20 pages is the perfect "highlight" book for your wedding.  Makes a great gift for parents or grandparents or just a condensed version of your "big book" to place on your coffee table or have at your desk when coworkers ask about your wedding.  AND...I can even make it in YOUR wedding colors (instead of mine).  All you have to do is ask!  :)  Oh on the caption for photos of the inside!

Of course, you have to have a book of the bridesmaids too!  Wouldn't these make excellent bridesmaid gifts?  Right up there with the mani/pedis and it will last longer!  AND, you can put the pictures OF the mani/pedis IN the book!  A little snapshot of your special day celebrated with your best girlfriends.  
{Bridesmaids Scrapbook}

Moms can be hard to buy for sometimes but she will always love a gift that you can personalize with photos of her and her kids.  Oh, and here's a tip from someone whose mom has can never have too many pictures of you and your mom!  You will treasure the ones you have long after she is gone and always wish you had more.   Look inside this book here.
{Mother Scrapbook}

You can't forget those sisters! Not that they would LET you forget them. :)

{Sisters are the Perfect Best Friends Scrapbook}
Grandmas?  Yeah, pretty much ditto everything I said about Moms.   
{Best Grandma Ever Scrapbook}

What would we do without our friends to make us smile and to do silly things with?  Capturing those memories in a little scrapbook means so much more than a quick FB post.  Just imagine that smile on her face when she opens this!  Inside pics here.
{I totally love my friends scrapbook}

Ever had a bad nurse?  Then you can really appreciate the good ones!  Nurses do so much for us and they deserve some recognition.  Wouldn't this make her day?  You could even throw it in a gift basket with a bottle of wine, some cookies and a gift certificate for a foot massage!  More photos here.

{Nurse Scrapbook}

Check back for more ideas tomorrow.  Shall we do the men this time?

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