Monday, February 22, 2010

Weight Loss Magic

Oh, if only it were magic!  I didn’t do the New Year’s Resolution thing this year…but like most years, I vowed to start eating better and of course, exercise more.  I use the term “more” loosely because saying MORE would indicate that I am increasing the amount of exercise and what I really mean is START exercising. 

Anyway,  as you may remember, I gave up pop (soda) last fall and that was my first step towards taking better care of myself.  As of Jan. 1, I gave up chocolate.  I know you may be gasping….but I have actually lived to tell the tale.  The amazing part is that it wasn’t really that hard.  After the initial shock to the system it’s not that big of a temptation anymore. 

I’ve also been being careful with what I eat…especially portion control.  So far it’s going pretty well.  On days when I end up eating a lot of sweets or heavy meals I can actually FEEL it in my body.  That bloat.  The sluggishness.  The queasy stomach.  It definitely makes getting back on the wagon a lot easier.

So far I’ve lost enough weight/inches to make my jeans feel baggy.  Oh…what a great feeling.  SO much better than fleeting satisfaction of a Snickers bar!!!

My girls came home this weekend!  Spring break.  I know…it’s too early for spring break but we’re on the trimester schedule so we’re between winter and spring terms.  Two weeks!  I, of course, still have to work.   Most of it anyway.  But what a great feeling…2/3 of the way through the school year!  Yippee!  Unfortunately for me, the spring term is a bit of a nightmare.  Big event coming up.  But it makes the days go fast.  Too fast!

Even with the girls home, I still got some scrapbooking done.   Just because they’re home…doesn’t mean they’re HOME!  So many friends to catch up with after all. 

I’m not going to post all the pictures…you can see them in my Etsy shop or on my Flickr photostream….but here are a few covers.

Game Night (1) Stage 001  Tooth Fairy21 Birthday 001

Hope you had a great weekend and I wish you a wonderful week ahead!

Think SPRING!  (Kinda hard to do since there is snow falling as I write this…but I know it will get here….eventually!)



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