Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back to School…already?!

Kindergarten Kid 1

Kindergarten Kid Paper Bag Scrapbook

Can you believe it’s that time already?  I am shocked at how quickly this summer flew by.  And also amazed at how quickly the school supplies are disappearing from the stores.  This is the LAST year I will have “back-to-schoolers”…although college seniors are hardly typical “back-to-schoolers”.  I must admit, back-to-school was much more fun when it involved a new box of crayons!  Oh, how I miss that smell!  :)

Kindergarten Kid 2      Kindergarten Kid 3Kindergarten Kid 4      Kindergarten Kid 5Kindergarten Kid 6      Kindergarten Kid 7Friends Boys Toys 1

Friends {Boys and Their Toys} Paper Bag Scrapbook

Our household was divided between the pink frills of twin girls and the primary colors of a boy.  I think red and blue will forever remind me of Spiderman…but the trucks and playgrounds are definitely a part of boyhood too!   Just think of the fun childhood memories this scrapbook would hold!

Friends Boys Toys 2      Friends Boys Toys 3Friends Boys Toys 4      Friends Boys Toys 5Friends Boys Toys 6      Friends Boys Toys 7

Sweet Sixteen 1

Sweet 16 Birthday Paper Bag Scrapbook

August is birthday month around here.  My girls will be hitting a milestone birthday this year…but it’s not 16!  They will be 21 in just over a week. TWENT-ONE!  Wow! It seems like yesterday though that they were eagerly anticipating turning 16 so they could drive!  Times change quickly.  :)

Sweet Sixteen 2      Sweet Sixteen 3Sweet Sixteen 4      Sweet Sixteen 5Sweet Sixteen 6      Sweet Sixteen 7

All these scrapbooks are available in my Etsy shop but you can also place custom orders if you want something a little different from what you see here!  Just send me a convo through Etsy or pop me an email at apicketfencelife at gmail dot com.  :)

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