Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It takes guts…


Cowboy 1

It Takes Guts to be a Cowboy Scrapbook

I love the cover sticker on this scrapbook!  I know…it takes guts to be a lot of other things too!  Some days it takes guts to just participate in this crazy world of ours.

Cowboy 2      Cowboy 3Cowboy 4      Cowboy 5Cowboy 6      Cowboy 7

My Sweet Daughter 1

My Sweet Daughter Scrapbook

I always wanted daughters.  Always.  The plan was 2 girls…close together in age.  That was my dream since I was a little girl.  Then I gave birth to my first child and it was a boy.  Since we didn’t find out the sex during the pregnancy, I was a little scared that I would be disappointed if it wasn’t a girl.  Wow…was I mistaken.  It took less than a second for me to fall madly, head over heels in love with this little guy and I didn’t care that my dream of “two girls” was shattered.  But then…less than 2 years later a magical thing happened and I had TWO baby girls…39 minutes apart!  So, I got what I always wanted AND an amazing bonus!

My Sweet Daughter 2      My Sweet Daughter 3My Sweet Daughter 4      My Sweet Daughter 5My Sweet Daughter 6      My Sweet Daughter 7

Vegas 1

Vegas Scrapbook

Vegas 2      Vegas 3Vegas 4      Vegas 5Vegas 6      Vegas 7

21st Birthday 1

Happy 21st Birthday Scrapbook

Speaking of those baby girls.  They turned 21 a couple of weeks ago.  I still can hardly believe that many years have passed.  Those childhood days tug at my heartstrings but I love the sweet, strong young women they’ve become.

21st Birthday 2      21st Birthday 321st Birthday 4      21st Birthday 5

Oh, and I added the “finally” to this page (on the right) because of my girls.  They didn’t think they were EVER going to turn 21! 

21st Birthday 6      21st Birthday 7

Run 1

Born to Run Scrapbook

I really wish I was a runner…but unfortunately I was born to be a walker!  :(

Run 2      Run 3Run 4      Run 5Run 6      Run 7

Mom to Be 1

Mom to Be Scrapbook


Mom to Be 2      Mom to Be 3Mom to Be 4      Mom to Be 5Mom to Be 6      Mom to Be 7

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  1. Such an interesting post you have here. I really enjoyed this one and BTW, this project is really superb. Very creative and looks fun to make.
    Thanks for the inspiration :)


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