Sunday, May 8, 2011

So Inspired

beach danceDance like
no one is watching. 
Sing like
no one is listening. 
Love like
you’ve never been hurt
and live like
it’s heaven on Earth.

- Mark Twain

After a few crazy busy months at work and some pretty uninspiring spring weather, things have calmed down and the sun is finally shining.  I’m ready to slip into “summer mode”.  Kick back and relax a bit.  TWENTY days till I leave on vacation…not that I’m counting or anything…but I am so looking forward to some time away.  Time to get a new perspective on things.  Time to think.  The beach, for me, is the perfect place for that.  Its enormity makes my problems seem somehow smaller by comparison. 

I’ve been working on a lot of custom scrapbook orders lately and just love the ideas my customers come up with!  Whenever I pop one in the mail, I always wonder what it’s going to look like AFTER the photos have been added.  So, if you’ve purchased a scrapbook from me, email me some pictures of the finished project.  I would LOVE to see them!!!

Enjoy your Sunday….and MOTHER’S DAY!


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