Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rock n Roll

Rock Star 001 Obviously I just can’t get enough of this bright green lately!  Lovin’ green so much right now and looking forward to having some green in my back yard soon.  I’m getting a little tired of the white stuff out there!  I did notice today though that there were some day lilies popping through the snow.  Not that they’re going to be blooming anytime soon.  :(

So I guess for now I’ll have to be satisfied with green things INSIDE my house.  I’ve been doing a lot of girlie things lately so I thought I’d pull out some other stuff for a change.

Rock Star 002 I thought this would be fun.  And perfect for photos of your Rock Star!  These mini scrapbooks are all about capturing a moment, a snapshot our our lives.   One event, one phase, one memory.  So much more do-able than a huge scrapbook.  Grab some photos, scissors and adhesive and in no time you’ll have a little book with big memories!  Perfect for a Valentine’s gift or a birthday or just because. 


Rock Star 004 Rock Star 003Rock Star 005 Rock Star 006 Rock Star 007

AND, there’s more than one way to Rock n Roll!  Can’t forget about the little people in our lives.

Potty 001

Potty training was crazy at our house when our kids were little.  We had 3 in diapers for about 6 months.  Back then diapers came in blue and pink (maybe they still do, I haven’t bought them for 16 years!)anyway, we had some of both…all stacked together.  We also had 2 potty chairs.  The girls each wanted one of their own but I can’t remember them ever using them at the same time!  With 3 kids in 2 years we were so busy that much of that time is just a fog to me now.  I really wish I would have taken more pictures and written more things down.  I don’t necessarily want a do-over, but recording more of the memories is definitely something I wish I would have been more diligent about. 


Potty 002 Potty 003 Potty 004 Potty 005 Potty 006 Potty 007

These scrapbooks are available (as always) in my Etsy shop….

Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Little Disney Magic…Princess Style

What little princess wouldn’t love to have her photo taken with a REAL princess?

Disney Princesses 1 So girlie…I just LOVE these Disney Princess chipboard embellishments.  They’ve got a great little touch of glitter and you can almost hear those dresses swish!   I left lots of open spaces so your little girl is the star of the book…along with the princesses, of course!

Disney Princesses 2 Disney Princesses 3 Disney Princesses 4 Disney Princesses 5 Disney Princesses 6 Disney Princesses 7 Disney Princesses 8 Disney Princesses 9

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some Favorite Things…

 Winter is not one of my favorite things….at all.  I do not like being cold…and I hate that the weather restricts my ability to go places.  Today was another snow day.  I know that sounds like a dream…but I actually do have things I need to do at work and it frustrates me when I can’t get there.  Normally I don’t mind the hour commute, but when the roads are icy or snowy I hate it. 

Anyway, all day today I’ve been focusing on how much I do not like winter/snow/ice.  So, I thought maybe I should try to change my focus to concentrate more on the things I DO like!  Here are five of them…in no particular order…

Bach (1)

1.  Green & Pink!  Right now I am TOTALLY loving green and pink.  I know the color on this photo is a bit weird…(camera/laptop/software issues)…but I love it anyway.  In real life the pink and green are gorgeous!   What a great gift this would make for an upcoming bride. 

Look around online for all the adorable green and pick things.  I am finding them everywhere these days.  Margie Romney-Aslett’s blog I’m just a girl is LOADED with pink and green. Definitely some awesome eye candy on her site!

2.  Yoplait Light Thick & Creamy Yogurt!  Ok.  I’m not going to add a photo.  I think you can figure it out.  I’m loving this stuff lately.  ESPECIALLY the Key Lime Pie.  OMG!  Could eat it all day!

binditall 3.  My new Bind-it-All by Zutter!  This thing is so cool (did you notice that it’s also PINK?).  I haven’t used it a lot YET but I’m sure that will change here shortly since I seem to have tons of ideas floating around in my head. (yeah, the ideas can ‘float’…there’s that much extra space in there!)  Anyway, it’s a cute little machine and I’m excited about all the possibilities!  I found a fun blog with an endless supply of amazing ideas…Zutter Zisters The Blog.  Check it out.  Such creative stuff!  Do you have a Bind-it-All?  What’s your favorite thing to do with it?

4.  Grey’s, Private Practice, and Brothers & Sisters!  I know it’s 3 things but I’m going with the theme here.  AWESOME DRAMAS! They are all REALLY good right now.  I suppose it probably has something to do with setting up for February sweeps…ya think?!  :) 

5.  Books!  Yeah, they’re always on my list!  Right now I’m reading The New Age of Innovation: Driving Co-Created Value Through Global Networks and A Whole New Mind.  Not exactly light reading but oh so interesting.  

Okay…so that’s my list of things to divert me from thinking about the cold and the snow and the ice.  Since I can’t be sitting on a warm sunny beach right now, these things will have to do!



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Change Happens

Nothing endures but change--Heraclitus

When I picked CHANGE for my word-of-the-year I knew it was risky.  After all change can be either a good thing….or a bad thing.  Obviously I chose it hoping to make some good changes in my life.  But it is what it is and sometimes the changes come in ways we don’t expect or wish for. 


This past week my father-in-law passed away.  Big time change. 

 While it didn’t come entirely out of the blue it was still a little more sudden than we had anticipated.  Something you’re never really ready for I guess.

This photo is from the 60s…long before I knew him…but it makes me laugh because he is SO serious!  One of the few pictures of him that he’s not doing something goofy! 


Looking for some less dramatic change for the upcoming week!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Month till Valentine’s Day!

Can you believe it?  Seems like just yesterday I was getting ready for Christmas and now it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day!  Time sure does fly by.  Of course, this time of year I’m ready for time to pass quickly.  I can’t wait till spring gets here and I’m not freezing all the time anymore. 

Anyway, here’s a glimpse at some Valentine’s Day scrapbooks in my Etsy shop.

This scrapbook has my new favorite color combination…green and pink!  Love it!  It would work for either a special love or friend or child.  It’s just so cute! 







More black and less green in this book but it’s still adorable.

And, don’t forget…you can always place a custom order to get exactly what you want!  Just email me the details (apicketfencelife at gmail dot com) and I’ll get started creating something special just for you!  Or you can become a fan on Facebook and leave your order in a comment there.  Or, of course, visit my Etsy shop and send me a convo.  Easy peasy!  :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Favorite Change Quote of the Day


It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not. –James Gordon, M.D.

As you might remember from a recent post, last fall I gave up drinking Diet Pepsi.  Now I am in the process of giving up chocolate.  I say “process” because it’s an ongoing decision.  Some days I do well and some days I slip up a little bit.  What’s somewhat surprising to me is that the longer I go without it, the less I want it.  Since Jan. 1, I’ve only had two setbacks.  Once my daughter handed me a Ghirardelli chocolate when we were riding in the car.  To be honest I think I ate it before I even thought about it.  The other time was this week when I was freezing and decided that one cup of hot chocolate would not send me reeling back into chocolate-dependency.  Both times, afterward I thought “Why did I even do that?  What’s the big deal?  I would have been just as happy without it.” 

Last night I was having a conversation with a good friend about giving up pop/soda (whichever you call it in your part of the country).  She couldn’t believe my “willpower”.  Couldn’t believe how I “strong” I was that I could put up with having such bad headaches for the 10 days while my body was going through withdrawals.  I don’t see it as willpower or strength.  In my mind, I was simply ready to change!  Now when the opportunity comes up, the thought that runs through my head is: I do not drink pop.  or I do not eat chocolate.  It’s just a simple statement but a powerful reminder to me that this is a choice I have made.  And, so far it has worked pretty well. 

When I make a positive change in my life, it’s really hard for me not to desperately want that same change for the people I love.  So this quote is an excellent reminder that we’re not all on the same page or willing to make the same changes at the same time.  :)



Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby it’s cold outside!

We are in such a deep freeze these days.   It’s –2 degrees right now…and dropping.  About 75 degrees below my comfort zone!  I really do not like cold weather but I have a warm house, a warm car and a warm office to sit in so I can’t complain (too much).   It also helps that I just ate a bowl of chili!

ski 001Even though I want to skip ahead to spring, these ski stickers were calling my name.   This scrapbook…and many others… are available in my Etsy store!







ski 002 ski 003 ski 004 ski 005 ski 006 ski 007


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