Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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And...I'm back.

I must admit, I pulled up my blog for the first time in…well…2-1/2 years!  It’s crazy to me that it’s been that long.  Life just happened to get in the way.  First my mother was sick, then passed away.  Then I had knee surgery.  Then I met the man of my dreams (okay, that sounds a little cheesy…but it’s true!) and one thing led to another…engaged, married, moved to a new city, new job, remodeled a house and moved again. 

All the while (or at least most of it) I’ve still been scrapping and still been putting things in my Etsy shop.  Sometimes full speed ahead and sometimes at a slower pace.  Lately I’ve been experimenting a bit with some new techniques, tools and products.  Some things have made their way into my shop but some are still in process.  Usually I find that my most inspired creations are those that come my way as custom orders.  The challenge of finding the right supplies and creating exactly what my customer has envisioned keeps me excited and ready to put together the next book. 

I just finished a large order of wedding books that are a quite a bit bigger than what’s typically in my shop.  These books measured 8”x12” with 20 pages and lots of inserts.  My favorite little embellishment was this car.
It’s a die from Cottage Cutz.  How much fun is that?

I’ve got a few large Christmas books next up.  Might have to go shopping for more dies…


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