Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Memories from the past...

I took a little trip home a couple weeks ago and was given the sweet teacup on the right out of my great grandmother’s stash. 

Yes, I could have put it on a shelf in my dining room and let it collect dust or stored it in the basement in a box but really...then what’s the point of having it?  

So instead, it holds my glue upside down on my studio desk.  

My great grandmother had passed before I was born so I really only think of her as my mom’s grandma and since I miss my mom SO much this is a little reminder of her that I can look at every day.  

The bowl is a piece of pottery I brought home from Guatemala.  Both pieces make me happy and I didn't even notice until I snapped the photo that the drawer above them says "sunshine".  Seems fitting.

Do you surround yourself with things that remind you of the people and places that are important to you?  What are your favorites?


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