Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It takes guts…


Cowboy 1

It Takes Guts to be a Cowboy Scrapbook

I love the cover sticker on this scrapbook!  I know…it takes guts to be a lot of other things too!  Some days it takes guts to just participate in this crazy world of ours.

Cowboy 2      Cowboy 3Cowboy 4      Cowboy 5Cowboy 6      Cowboy 7

My Sweet Daughter 1

My Sweet Daughter Scrapbook

I always wanted daughters.  Always.  The plan was 2 girls…close together in age.  That was my dream since I was a little girl.  Then I gave birth to my first child and it was a boy.  Since we didn’t find out the sex during the pregnancy, I was a little scared that I would be disappointed if it wasn’t a girl.  Wow…was I mistaken.  It took less than a second for me to fall madly, head over heels in love with this little guy and I didn’t care that my dream of “two girls” was shattered.  But then…less than 2 years later a magical thing happened and I had TWO baby girls…39 minutes apart!  So, I got what I always wanted AND an amazing bonus!

My Sweet Daughter 2      My Sweet Daughter 3My Sweet Daughter 4      My Sweet Daughter 5My Sweet Daughter 6      My Sweet Daughter 7

Vegas 1

Vegas Scrapbook

Vegas 2      Vegas 3Vegas 4      Vegas 5Vegas 6      Vegas 7

21st Birthday 1

Happy 21st Birthday Scrapbook

Speaking of those baby girls.  They turned 21 a couple of weeks ago.  I still can hardly believe that many years have passed.  Those childhood days tug at my heartstrings but I love the sweet, strong young women they’ve become.

21st Birthday 2      21st Birthday 321st Birthday 4      21st Birthday 5

Oh, and I added the “finally” to this page (on the right) because of my girls.  They didn’t think they were EVER going to turn 21! 

21st Birthday 6      21st Birthday 7

Run 1

Born to Run Scrapbook

I really wish I was a runner…but unfortunately I was born to be a walker!  :(

Run 2      Run 3Run 4      Run 5Run 6      Run 7

Mom to Be 1

Mom to Be Scrapbook


Mom to Be 2      Mom to Be 3Mom to Be 4      Mom to Be 5Mom to Be 6      Mom to Be 7

Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Day of School…

First Grade 1

First Grade Paper Bag Scrapbook

Summer is over here….school starts tomorrow!  It seems like a lifetime ago that my kids were in 1st grade.  Maybe one of these days I’ll dig out the photos and put them in one of these books for them.  I sure wish scrapbooking would have been popular back when my kiddos were little.  It’s so much easier to “scrap as you go” than go back almost 20 years and catch up!  Ha!

First Grade 2      First Grade 3First Grade 4      First Grade 5First Grade 6      First Grade 7

Baseball Scrapbook 1

Take Me Out to the Ball Game Scrapbook

If you know me, you know I’m NOT a big baseball fan.  It’s basketball all the way for me…but today seems to be an appropriate day for this book.  I spent some time with my Dad today for his birthday and the Cardinals game was on (not sure my Dad noticed…he’s a CUBS fan).  Anyway, the Cards game went into 19 innings today.  Wow!  Makes me glad I wasn’t sitting in the stands!

Baseball Scrapbook 2      Baseball Scrapbook 3Baseball Scrapbook 4      Baseball Scrapbook 5Baseball Scrapbook 6      Baseball Scrapbook 7

Birthday Wishes 001

Birthday Wishes Paper Bag Scrapbook

As I said, it was my Dad’s birthday today.  He turned 82!  That’s starting to get old…right?  :)

Birthday Wishes 002      Birthday Wishes 003Birthday Wishes 004      Birthday Wishes 005Birthday Wishes 006      Birthday Wishes 007

30th Birthday 1

30th Birthday Scrapbook

30th Birthday 2      30th Birthday 330th Birthday 4      30th Birthday 530th Birthday 6      30th Birthday 7


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