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There is HOPE

It touches all of our lives….Hope 1

Cancer - Survivor - Hope - Scrapbook

Hope 2      Hope 3Hope 4      Hope 5Hope 6       Hope 7


So Inspired...Anatole France


climate changeAll changes,
even the most longed for,
have their melancholy;
for what we leave
behind us is a part of ourselves;
we must die to one life
before we can enter another.

~Anatole France

My life has been all about change lately.  I'm still kinda settling into my new place in a new town.  In some ways, it’s better than I had hoped and in other ways it’s a little bit less.  One thing that I’ve discovered though is that it’s never exactly like you picture it when you’re dreaming or planning for something different.  I suppose, however, that THAT is precisely what makes life interesting and opens us up to new possibilities.

One challenge I’ve had in my new “home” is creating a convenient scrapbooking space.  Gone (for now) are the days of having a dedicated studio.  The storage units that were so efficiently placed in my studio are a little less impressive when stacked around a dining room!  But that’s okay.  I keep reminding myself that it is only temporary and soon I’ll be in a more permanent place with a studio again. 

Another challenge is photography.  It took me forever at my old house to find the perfect spot with the perfect lighting for taking pictures.  So far, I haven’t found that sweet spot here.  Therefore, I’m a little unhappy with current photos of my work but I’ll keep trying!

I love summertime.  When my kids were small it seemed like I was constantly snapping pictures of them playing in the yard or in the pool.  This scrapbook takes me back to those days!Hello Summer 1

Hello Summer Scrapbook

Hello Summer 2      Hello Summer 3Hello Summer 4      Hello Summer 5Hello Summer 6      Hello Summer 7

Birthday Scrapbook 1

Happy Birthday Scrapbook

Birthday Scrapbook 2      Birthday Scrapbook 3Birthday Scrapbook 4      Birthday Scrapbook 5Birthday Scrapbook 6      Birthday Scrapbook 7

Hope you’re enjoying summertime!


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