Monday, March 26, 2012

Paper Bag Scrapbooks…brand new….

Silly Boy 1

Silly Boy Paper Bag Scrapbook

I just couldn’t pass up this A Boy’s Life line  from echo park paper co. on my last stop at my local scrapbooking store!  The washed out colors seem perfect for a boy’s scrapbook.  And, there’s a lot going on in this book…airplanes, cars, video games, Rock & Roll, skateboarding…so fitting for boys that have a lot going on in their lives! 

Silly Boy 2      Silly Boy 3Silly Boy 4      Silly Boy 5Silly Boy 6      Silly Boy 7

#1 Teacher 1

#1 Teacher Scrapbook

Can you believe the school year is almost over?  With less than 8 weeks to go, now is the perfect time to stock up on teacher appreciation gifts!  Lovin’ these very 3-D stickers from Paper House Productions!

#1 Teacher 2      #1 Teacher 3#1 Teacher 4      #1 Teacher 5#1 Teacher 6      #1 Teacher 7

Baby on Board 1

Baby on Board Paper Bag Scrapbook

I’ve done a lot of Baby on Board scrapbooks but this one is a bit different!  The 3-D embellishments (again from Paper House Productions!) with lots of silver glitter really add a punch to this pregnancy scrapbook. 

Baby on Board 2      Baby on Board 3Baby on Board 4      Baby on Board 5Baby on Board 6      Baby on Board 7

School Dance 1

School Dance / Prom Paper Bag Scrapbook

Whether it’s for prom or a Sadie Hawkins dance or any other school dance, this paper bag scrapbook will have you digging through your pile of pictures!  The bright colors and fun designs are perfect for those dance memories.

School Dance 2      School Dance 3School Dance 4      School Dance 5School Dance 6      School Dance 7




  1. Love your books! I see your from Illinois would love to meet up with you at Archivers to share ideas.

  2. Thanks! I LOVE going to Archivers! Unfortunately the closest one is about an hour and 45 minutes away and my next couple of months are jam packed full. Guess we'll just have to share ideas online for now. :)


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