Monday, December 27, 2010

California Dreamin’ on Such a Winter’s Day

palm trees

The Christmas tree is beckoning me this morning.  It wants to be taken down.  Okay, it’s ME.  I want it to be taken down. I wish I was looking at beautiful palm trees along the beach instead of pine trees covered with snow outside my window…and a pine tree in my living room.  The weather report says “sunny with a high of 20 degrees” so far all I see out the window is gloomy white skies and snow floating through the air. The thermostat says 14 degrees.  I want to be where it’s warm…and sunny…and GREEN!

I’ve kind of been avoiding my blog lately, basically because I’ve had little to say. For the last few years December has been a hard month for me.  I start to play the comparison game…and of course, find myself, my life lacking.  I browse through all the usual blogs and websites that normally leave me feeling inspired, but at this time of year they seem to scream at me that I’m not creative enough, I don’t have the perfect house (with perfect decorations), I don’t have breathtaking photos of my kids to scrap, I don’t have enough money for all the awesome gifts I’d like to buy, I haven’t created lasting traditions for my family, etc. etc. etc.  


New Years, however, makes me feel inspired.  Hopeful that the new year will bring a world of possibilities.  New opportunities. And changes in all the places my soul needs them. 


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  1. I too wish I were somewhere with palm trees on a beach! Maybe if the winters were more sunny here, and not as freezing, then it wouldn't seem so bad...or long!

    I know what you mean with comparing yourself to others. I do it way too much, in all aspects of life! On the creative side of things, I know I should just feel lucky to have a creative outlet and to bring a little happiness to others with my work. But it's so hard not to compare! See all the amazing artists out there should make me strive to become better, but sometimes it just weighs me down. Here's to more positive thinking in 2011!


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