Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Gift of Grandparents


I love this old photo of me and my brother with our Grandpa.  That was HIS chair…but he was always willing to share it with us!  I also love how my brother is squeezed in beside Grandpa.  How funny!  Of course I also LOVE it that Grandpa’s focus is on ME!  Ha!  Sorry George!!!

My Grandma took LOTS of photos…but apparently she never taught my Grandpa how to use the camera because I can’t think of a single photo of us kids with my Grandma…except at birthdays or the holidays when others took the photos.  Unfortunately that was a tradition I continued.  There are very few photos of me with my kids when then were little.  I was always the one behind the camera.

Christmas 1966 6

This is another favorite of the two of us in front of the silver tree at our Grandparent’s house.   We LOVED being at our Grandparent’s house.   Especially when we got to help put up the tree…with the color wheel…of course!  You can’t really tell in the photo but the balls were blue.   I’m sure I didn’t help that year (I was only 3) but in later years I remember being so excited when Grandpa would pull the tree down from the attic in the garage and we got to help assemble the tree.  Usually it was after my cousins and I begged and begged to get it out.   I have to laugh now a little at the simplicity of the tree.  Easy assembly, no lights and a couple dozen balls.  Wow!  Those were the days, huh?!

I’m sure you have awesome memories of your own of spending time with your grandparents.  And, your children may be in the process of creating those memories with Grandma and Grandpa right now.  Grandparents can be so hard to buy for, but what Grandma and Grandpa wouldn’t love a scrapbook with photos of them with their grandchildren?   Check them out in my Etsy shop!

Grandma 1Grandpa 1

Grandma 2Grandma 4

Grandpa 2Grandpa 4

You’ll find lots of other gift ideas there too!  Plus there’s still time for custom orders.

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