Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just trying to take a walk…


treadmillSo, apparently a new one of these should have been on my Christmas list this year. 

Perhaps it’s payback for neglecting it for so long…but the LCD display is no longer illuminated.  Urgh.  The competitive person in me REALLY can’t stand getting zero feedback from the machine! 

This morning after I walked, I finally found the owner’s manual…and surprise…there are batteries in there! Certain that this was the answer (and how stupid of me not to think of it before) I grabbed a handful of batteries and popped them in.  Darn.  Still no illumination. 

Plan B…take apart the “hood” and readjust some things (according to the manual, of course). 

Yep, you guessed it…nothing. I left the screws out just in case my hubby can come up with a brilliant answer. Not holding my breath though. The thing is OLD.  Probably about 14 years old.  Maybe it’s time for an upgrade…

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