Saturday, July 30, 2011

It’s so easy…

exercise…to fall off the exercise wagon!  It’s really hard for me to keep with it when my routine changes.  This past spring it had become a part of me, just like breathing (okay…maybe that’s a bad example since breathing isn’t always the easiest thing for me!!).  Anyway, I was getting up every morning at 4:30 to workout before I left for work and I actually got to the point where I was looking forward to it.  Even craved it!

But then summer happened.  A vacation at the beach…with no physical activity (apparently laying on the beach doesn’t burn any calories) and too many awesome meals out on the town.   Then another vacation spent sitting on my butt and eating out.   And a flexible summer work schedule.  You’d think that would be helpful but sleeping in till 8a.m. on my days off makes me feel like my morning is almost over and I don’t have time to fit in a workout.  Crazy, I know.  Plus the kids are home (off and on) this summer so there are too many “treats” around the house and since I’ve decided I don’t like to cook anymore, it means more eating out. 

So, there ya list of excuses!  BUT no more.  I know I feel so much more alive when I stick to my workout routine.  My body feels better…more flexible, stronger, healthier and my mood also gets a boost.  Those little endorphins really do kick in and perk me up. 

Yep…back on the wagon and holding on with both hands!

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