Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh Baby, it’s HOT!

Cool in the Pool 1

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for summer for awhile now.  Back when the snow was flying I couldn’t wait till it was hot….well it’s definitely HOT now!  This weekend the temps hovered around 95 degrees here in western Illinois.  Hot and sunny!  Just my kind of weather…especially when I can hang out in the pool. 

Cool in the Pool 2     Cool in the Pool 3

Usually I’m off work for 8 weeks in the summer but this year I’ve been working off and on all summer.  It’s been a good mix though…work, vacations and just plain ol’ down time.   But it sure makes the time fly by fast.

Cool in the Pool 4      Cool in the Pool 5

Pretty soon this summer will just be a memory.  I’ve still got pictures waiting to be printed…and scrapped!  How about you?  How are you going to capture the memories of the Summer of 2011?  

Cool in the Pool 6       Cool in the Pool 7

Check out my Etsy shop for more summertime scrapbooks!  

Enjoy your day….

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