Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scrapbook Sale Continues

The sale continues on Etsy today.



I love biographies and autobiographies.  They are my absolute favorite genre of audio books, especially when they're read by the author.  Since I listen to audio books everyday on my commute I go through a lot of books...usually a couple books per week.  Some I just grab off the library shelf because there aren't really any other options that particular day and some I've been anxiously awaiting their arrival in the new section.  This book....I've been waiting for.  Hoping that it would show up at one of my libraries (yeah, I go to several!). 

Her earlier book, Saving Graces, had brought so many tears to my eyes as I read it that I had to stop.  Reading of the loss of her son when I had just been through so much with my own, was too much for me at the time.  Some time later though, I thought I could get through it if I listened to the audio book instead.  What was I thinking?  I walked into work for days with red puffy eyes.  Yeah, not so smart listening to a tear jerker on the way to work!!!! 

I loved the book though.  How could you not love this woman?  How could you not want to wrap your arms around her and comfort her as she told the story of her son's death and her struggle with breast cancer?  For those of us who have been thisclose to that kind of loss, her story is an inspiration.  Not because she overcame every obstacle with ease and grace and emerged on the other side unscathed, but perhaps because her journey, like ours, came with bumps along the way.

Of the two books, I would definitely say that Saving Graces is my favorite, but only because so much of Resilience seems to be a recap.  If you pick up Resilience because you want the scoup on John's affair, don't bother.  It's Elizabeth's story, not John's.  In this day of sensationalism, I must say I was a bit relieved.  I find her story much more compelling anyway.

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