Saturday, November 27, 2010

Running on Empty

Basketball 1

I seem to be running on empty

Basketball 2Basketball 3

when it comes to words these days.

Basketball 4Basketball 5

So this post is mostly photos.

 Basketball 6Basketball 7

I’ve been building the stock back up again in my Etsy store…

Cheerleading Blue 1Cheerleading Blue 2

…following a local craft show last weekend.

Cheerleading Blue 3Cheerleading Blue 4

I have a ton of supplies sitting on my shelves.

Cheerleading Blue 5Cheerleading Blue 6

And when I get a minute to scrap, I’m torn between which project to work on first.

Cheerleading Blue 7Doggie 1

So if you are looking for a custom order for a gift, please let me know.

Doggie 2Doggie 3

I’d love to put something together for you.

Doggie 4Doggie 5


Doggie 6Doggie 7

Winter Fun 1Winter Fun 2

Winter Fun 3Winter Fun 4

2 Cute 12 Cute 2

2 Cute 32 Cute 4

2 Cute 5Family Reunion 1

Family Reunion 2Family Reunion 3

Family Reunion 4Family Reunion 5

Cheerleading Green 1Cheerleading Green 2

Cheerleading Green 3Cheerleading Green 4

Cheerleading Green 5Cheerleading Green 6

Cheerleading Green 7Volleyball 1

Volleyball 2Volleyball 3

Volleyball 4Volleyball 5

Volleyball 6Volleyball 7


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