Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Snowy Day

First Snow 2010

Ok.  It just won’t stop.  It’s been snowing now for about 24 hours.  My VERY unofficial measurement is about a foot!   Thankfully I don’t really have anywhere I have to go today and chances are it will be off the roadways at least by Monday…BUT I would be happy to just skip ahead to spring. 

I must admit thought it is pretty and it’s putting me in a Christmas mood.   I had hoped to do a little Christmas shopping last night after work but since we were in the midst of a blizzard (again, unofficial) I decided it was best to just come straight home.  Typically my commute is about an hour.  Yesterday?  TWO hours and 10 minutes.  Not that I was counting or anything.  Urgh.  I really do not like being on the interstate in a snowstorm…in the dark…with monster trucks flying (ok, not exactly FLYING) by me.   I really think that 2+ hours of driving white knuckled and tensed up deserves a massage and a stiff drink at the end of it….but apparently that’s just MY opinion!  :)

Sorry, enough ranting about the weather.   On to FUN things.  Like scrapbooking, of course.  Christmas seems to bring out the CREATIVE in people.  Not that Tim Holtz isn’t creative 365 days a year, but I’m in love with the Christmas tags on his blog this month.  Santa This is day 4 of his 12 Tags of Christmas series.  How AWESOME is this tag ???  I WISH I had even a fraction of his creativity….and his supplies!  :)   I’m starting to pick up a few things here and there but I feel overwhelmed and am never quite sure what to buy…and if I’ll know how to use it once I get it home!  I definitely need to go to Ranger U to learn some techniques.  

Teresa Collins is doing tags this month too!  AND she’s doing a Favorite Things Giveaway each day (till Christmas, I believe).   Go check it out.

I almost hate to put MY things in the same blog post as that amazing tag over to the left….but I do have a few new things in my Etsy shop.  I’ll give you a sneak peek here but stop by my Etsy shop to see the entire line.   There’s still lots of time (okay, maybe not LOTS….but enough time) left to make a purchase for Christmas…even a custom order.  The cut-off for custom work (to arrive in time for Christmas) is December 15th.  After that I’ll be spending time with my kids while they’re home from college. 

Holidays 1

Holiday Scrapbook

Daughter 1

Mother Daughter Paper Bag Scrapbook

Disney Autographs 1

Disney Autographs Paper Bag Scrapbook

Pooh 1

Winnie the Pooh & Friends Paper Bag Scrapbook

Enjoy your weekend…and holiday preparations!




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