Sunday, January 8, 2012

Settling into 2012

beginWe are already one week into the new year but it really feels to me like the new year is starting NOW.  Last week was spent juggling kids back to their real lives.  Elliot headed back to Los Angeles. Ceara boarded a plane for her 2 month stint in Australia.  And, yesterday Arielle went back to college.  I started back to work last week but the students were still enjoying their break so campus was very quiet…almost eerie.  Tomorrow though, it will be filled with life again.  Hopefully everyone will be refreshed after their time off and ready to finish out the last 5 weeks of the term.

momFern as a childYesterday we celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday with an open house and family dinner.  It was a fun day filled with friends and relatives I hadn’t seen for a long time.   I was so exhausted last night that I was in bed before 9:00!    The photo on the right is one of my favorite photos from her childhood.  It always makes me laugh because it looks like she has a few extra fingers!  It’s SO sweet though it just makes my heart melt.

With the house quiet and all the festivities behind me it’s time to get back to scrapbooking!  Here are the lastest items listed in my Etsy shop

 Snow Play Scrapbook 1

Snow Play Scrapbook

Amazingly enough, there is NO snow on the ground right now in northwestern Illinois!  We’ve only had snow twice (I think) so far this winter and both were just a dusting.  The skiers, snowmobilers and kids wanting to go sledding are probably disappointed but it’s fine with me.  I definitely prefer to do my 2 hour drive each day with no snow on the roadways. 

Dora 1

Dora the Explorer Scrapbook

My children missed this particular childhood craze (they grew up in the Barney years…urgh!) but Dora is definitely cute.  I like to explore…maybe I should join her!  :)



New York City Vacation Scrapbook

NYC is one of my favorite places to visit!  I love the energy of the city!   Fill this scrapbook up with memories of some of your favorite places…Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Central Park and many more.

Birthday 1

Happy Birthday Scrapbook

This scrapbook is fun and would create an awesome memory of that special birthday.  Girlie pinks, cupcakes and glitter make it all the more sweet!

50s 1

50s Rock & Roll Scrapbook

Celebrating a 50th birthday?  Or, just love that 50’s rock & roll theme?  This book works either way! 

Scrapbook organization

Sometimes after a long day at work it’s hard for me to feel motivated to scrap.  By the time I sort through my supplies and decide what I’m going to work on, the evening has turned into bedtime!!   So to make it a little easier I decided to get organized and prepare some “kits” in advance.  The other day I put together almost 20 kits.  The kits consist of a sticker sheet, precut pages, inserts and a handful of embellishments for each book.  All the items needed for the scrapbook are placed in a quart-sized ziplock bag.  As you can see they are too tall for the bags but the width is perfect and they all fit in one of my favorite snowman boxes!!  Now it’s much easier to get started on a book since everything is right there ready to go.  Hopefully it will work to keep me moving forward…

Happy Sunday!





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