Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - Sending Love

Today Jamie Ridler's prompt is "Where do you wish to send some love?" 


My first thought, of course, is to send LOTS of love with my kids as they head back to college.  The girls leave this weekend and Elliot will be going back in a couple weeks.   They will all be taking pieces of my heart with them.  

Arielle and Ceara turn 19 on Saturday.   I remember loving them so much when they were babies that I thought I was going to burst.  Nineteen years later I realize that the love I felt then was nothing compared to my feelings for these girls now.  We have such a capacity to love and it seems to just increase and overflow with the passage of time. 

With Elliot's MRI coming up next week, my thoughts lately have been on all the children and families whose lives have been touched by brain tumors.    Even though he's been doing SO well, I always tend to get in a bit of a funk in the days leading up to his MRIs.   We have been so lucky but I know there are families out there that are struggling with the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.  They need all the love we can possibly wish for them.  I hope you join me in sending your love their way.

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  1. As you wish, I wish for you also. What a thoughtful wish. And I'd like to send some love beams to you and your family on your journey.

  2. I can not say I know how it is with either brain tumors or MRI's, but I know with my son's special needs the "back-to-school" time is fraught with frazzled nerves and worry, with me being much more upset than him. The first few days of school I expect the phone to ring with news of some crisis or another. Scary... and oh, so much love for your children. I feel it.

    Congratulations on raising them with such love...

    My eldest leaves for college in less than three weeks. She will be 3,000 miles away from me every day, how will I do it?

    As you so wish, I wish for you also... with so much love...

    My wish cast for this week.

  3. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well. Lots of love to you and your kids!

  4. I am sending my love to you and your kids. As Judy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  5. Dear Judy..what a wonderful post. I could feel the love for your children come right through the computer!I have a family member who is dealing with a brain tumor as is inoperable, but he is doing so well!I will send loving thoughts and prayers your way for healing and strength. Your love will be the best medicine of all! As Judy wishes for herself, so I wish for her and her family also!


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