Friday, March 19, 2010

New in my Etsy shop!

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Did you know that you can also place custom orders?  Either send me a convo through Etsy or an email at!

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Looking for a specific birthday?  Just let me know and I can put together a custom book for you….add the age or a name…or both, of course!  :)

Over Hill (1) Over Hill (2) Over Hill (3) Over Hill (4) Over Hill (5) Over Hill (6) Over Hill (7)

Tomorrow is the FIRST day of SPRING!   Hooray!  I hope the weather where you are is balmy and spring-like.  As for here in the Midwest…we’re supposed to get snow.  Urgh.  It’s been in the 60’s the past few days so we’ve gotten spoiled.  I’m crossing my fingers that the weatherman is wrong and it will be decent here tomorrow.  I’m making a trip to the city to pick up Elliot.  He’ll be home for a week for spring break.  Can’t wait to see him!


We’re totally undecided around here about getting a new dog.  After losing our beloved Lucky on Monday we are hating the emptiness of the house…but we can’t quite bring ourselves to replace him….because of course, he can’t be replaced in our hearts…and all we want is to have him back!  

So, what do you think?  Will a new puppy heal our broken hearts?


  1. Hi..just found your blog. Love it! and I had to leave a comment since you asked about a new puppy. May I?
    On new yrs day morning of 2001, I rode down our driveway to get the paper. Somehow my sweet LucyLeigh jumped outa the bed, which was warm, and ran out of the house. I never saw her coming..she ran right at my car and the next thing I heard was thump. OH. MY. GOD.
    I had run over my own dog. my baby. of 9 yrs.
    Needless to say...they should have just put ME down. I was devastated and in mourning. But my hubby knew what HAD to happen....he went to work looking and 7 days later, on my birthday, I was a new mama again. To SophieJane, who is in my lap right now. It was the perfect medicine. Will never forget Lucy but also know I cannot go on without a best furry friend.....I say get a new one. Soon! sorry for the long post...heheheh. a trait of mine!

  2. Hi Judy - your sweet Lucky's photo won me over; it was definitely those big brown eyes. You must miss him and I'm sorry for your loss. I can (from experience) understand how hollow your Nest must feel without your little pal and while everyone processes grief in their own unique way, we decided to bring another Yorkie (from the same breeder we had used 10 yrs. previously) back into our lives. We had to wait until a litter was ready and that time span left our home 'more than ready' as the Autumn season turned to Winter. Boy were we ready! :o) So for us Judy, it wasn't immediate, but, on the other hand, had there been a little buddy a'waiting for us sooner, we surely would have received him into our lives.......maybe we used that "waiting room time" to find the smiles of remembering our 'Kylie' without the tears that would only leave room for new puppy love.

    I'm sure you will create your own story that will be the perfect fit for your wee Nest also Judy.

    God Bless,

  3. Thanks jmac and Barbara for sharing your stories. Right now we're leaning towards getting a new puppy when school is out and I have more time to deal with all those puppy issues! I'm sure I'll be writing about it on my blog over the next few months.


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