Sunday, April 18, 2010

100% Princess….of course!

100 princess (1)

I’ve been working on orders all weekend.  Trying to catch up on things that got pushed aside a little bit the past couple of weeks while I was dealing with back pain.  Thankfully, I’m finally feeling better. 

Anyway, like I said, I’ve been working on orders and somehow almost all those orders have a boyish theme.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE orders and I LOVE boys….but this adorable little princess paper has been sitting here taunting me for days.  I just couldn’t resist any longer!

 100 princess (2) 100 princess (3)

And, what about that white butterfly trim?  Can you see the butterflies along the edge of the black paper?  They’re held in place by some pink brads.  Just love it!

100 princess (4) 100 princess (5)

I couldn’t resist using some of the white pom pom trim either.  I can’t remember where I got that trim but every time I’m at the store I look for it hoping to find some more before I run out!

100 princess (6) 100 princess (7)

Oh…by the way…the paper and stickers are from the ADORNit line by Carolees Creations. 

Okay, okay…now I’m going back to the boy paper….. :)


  1. Very cute. I am loving that look! Have fun.

  2. Thanks Gayla! I love the makes me want to dig out some pictures of my girls when they were little. They were always dressing up in princess gowns! :)


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