Sunday, January 16, 2011

Random facts about me…

Judy 1965I’m taking a little break this afternoon from scrapbooking and doing a little catching up on my blog reading.  I ran across this post at The Idea Room and thought I’d join in…so, here are some random facts about me….

  • I grew up on a farm with cows, pigs, horses, rabbits, cats and dogs…but I don’t really like animals…with the exception of my dog. Animals kind of creep me out. A trait I think I passed along to my kids…ask Ceara about squirrels!
  • When I watch a movie I’m always thinking about how the scene was shot. I can picture the film crew and all the technicians behind the camera. A curiosity I obviously share with Elliot (my film student son!).
  • I was convinced as a pre-teen that I would grow up to marry Shaun Cassidy. I didn’t!
  • I almost got kicked out of the viewing balcony in the House of Representatives in Springfield, IL. It required 2 warnings!
  • My husband, my 3 children, my step-son, my mom, my mother-in-law and I were all born on a date that is a multiple of 7…..7, 14 & 21!
  • My brother is a prince. Ok, that’s just what my sisters and I call him…and how our mom treats him! My daughters would add that I have followed that tradition.
  • I have a 1850s upright, fully restored piano in my living room…that I can’t play!
  • I can sew, cross stitch, crochet, and paint….but I rarely do any of them anymore.
  • I love playing with HTML code…but once I get started I ignore the rest of the world so I try to limit my indulgence.
  • My answer to the question… “Where were you when Kennedy was shot?” …being conceived.
  • Sometimes I even surprise myself with my ulterior motives.
  • I came THISCLOSE bleeding out once after a surgery…and just for the record…blood transfusions are freaky.
  • Every time I look at a Velveeta cheese box I think of the kitten me and my brother buried in one after my dad stepped on it.
  • I have 2 sisters and a brother and we all live within 20 minutes of each other.
  • I listen to audio books in the car every day on my commute to work.
  • I hate reality TV. Just can’t get into it.
  • I’m a baby boomer but got in just before they closed the door!
  • I haven’t seen my real hair color since 1979!
  • I love self-help and motivational books.
  • I have 3 amazing kids.
  • I’ve learned that brain tumors have a way of changing things.
  • Even though I love my girlfriends…sometimes I find that my guy friends are so much easier to deal with!
  • Every time I watch Message in a Bottle I hope Kevin Costner’s character doesn’t die THIS time.
  • I don’t have a favorite color, a favorite song, or favorite movie. It changes constantly. Depends on my mood.
  • I used to drink at least 2-5 cans of Diet Pepsi a day. I gave it up about a year and a half ago and can’t imagine ever going back!
  • I miss water-skiing.
  • I was the student speaker at 2 of my graduations.
  • I don’t like old, black and white movies.
  • I love to learn new things. If I didn’t have 3 kids in college right now I would be working on my master’s degree.
  • I’m happiest when my house is clutter-free…unfortunately my husband doesn’t share that sentiment.
  • I do not like being cold.
  • I have a degree in Business Administration…I minored in Political Science…but am in the process of turning that into a major as well.
  • I’ve watched the entire series of The West Wing about a dozen times. I’m not sure the exact number but I know it’s up there.
  • My dog is named after Toby Zeigler on The West Wing.
  • I change my mind…a lot.
  • I love Hostess Snowballs. Especially when they come in pink!
  • I once owned a brick and mortar gift shop.
  • My friend and I once parked her car in downtown Chicago for an entire day with the window down and our purses in the back seat…and nothing was stolen!
  • I’ve lived in 7 places in my life. All with the same zip code. I would LOVE to move to somewhere that begins with a 2, 3 or 9.
  • Ok….that’s enough! 

Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday! 


  1. Wow you're good at coming up with random facts. I struggled with this! How fun that you scrapbook! That's nice you live close to family. Amazing you don't have a favorite color, movie, song.

  2. Very now we really know you! Come over and read mine {under labels...100 things about me}


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