Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wishful Wednesday


I know.  It’s Saturday…not Wednesday!  But I’m still going to WISH!

The prompt this week on Jamie Ridler’s blog was “What do you wish to enjoy?”

My response?  Summertime. 

This is my third year working in education, so it’s my third summer of being off work for 8 weeks.  While it sounds like a wonderful thing (and for the most part it is), it can also be a little scary financially.  Remember, I have 3 kids in college right now which makes life kind of expensive these days! 

This year though, I am determined to enjoy my summer.  Spend a little more time in the pool.  Spend some time traveling.  Hang out with my kids (IF they come home this summer).   Scrapbook, of course.  Read.  Relax.  Unwind.  Stress LESS.

I can’t wait till summer gets here…


  1. I hear ya, Judy! All I can say is "hang in there!"
    We had some heavy duty melting the last 2 days and now it looks like winter is going to kick back in again, so depressing. But February is almost here and then Spring! Yeah!!

  2. As Judy wishes for herself, so I happily wish also! My big sis and her husband work in education as well--I totally understand the stress level that it brings. Your work is so important!

    Much Joy~*


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