Monday, January 3, 2011

How I spent my winter break


I WISH!  But…maybe not…because then I would have missed out on…

  • last minute Christmas shopping
  • taking my parents with me to Chicago to retrieve my son
  • playing enough Hand & Foot with my girls to completely wear out two decks of cards!
  • chit-chat with girlfriends at much-over-due-lunches
  • watching chick flicks with my girls
  • too much baking/cooking…eating!   ;)
  • playing dominoes with parents/siblings
  • wrapping a mound of gifts
  • guzzling wine with my sister-in-laws on Christmas Eve
  • spending time with family
  • listening to Elliot’s film analysis…grateful that my tuition dollars are being well spent!!!
  • lunches with my extended family
  • spending time with my great-nieces and nephews (were my kids ever that little?) and their parents, of course!
  • a spontaneous trip with my girls to Milwaukee
  • eating at Rocky Rococos
  • a trip to Chicago with Elliot and Arielle
  • listening to Elliot’s 15 minute review of the restroom @ Hard Rock Café…and his 30 second review of Wicked…all in the same day
  • shopping at Archiver’s
  • experiencing annoying road closures in downtown Chicago…and STILL finding my way out of the city!
  • watching movies with Elliot
  • family dinners
  • a little bit of scrapbooking
  • a lot of reading
  • playing with Toby (the little fur ball is definitely growing on me, ya know…when he’s not growling at me!)
  • an awesome massage
  • girl-talk with my daughters
  • playing Pounce with Elliot
  • getting back into the exercise routine
  • making plans for the summer
  • some West Wing and Weeds episodes (what a combo, huh?!)
  • some wonderful and thoughtful gifts
  • some quiet time to reflect on 2010 and plan for 2011
  • and…a bunch of other things that I’m sure I’ve forgotten to list

Typically when I have a break from work, I jot down a to-do list and try to cram as many little “jobs” into the time as possible.  This time, I didn’t make a list and didn’t have any huge expectations of what I would like to accomplish.  Basically I decided to just go with the flow….and RELAX for a change.   The down-time felt great.  Probably not as good as laying in a hammock on a tropical island…but hey, maybe next time!


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